ACMW Orientation Meeting for Researchers on the Compendium on Safe Migration, The Philippines


Manila, The Philippines

Beneficiary: ACMW

During the 8th ASEAN Committee on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers (ACMW) Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, the ACMW agreed to pursue the plan of publishing information to be collected from ASEAN Member States concerning the pre-departure information and literatures for migrant workers and safe migration campaigns. Realizing the various stages in the migration process, it was further agreed that the publication shall cover the full cycle of the migration process—from pre-employment, pre-departure, post-arrival to return and reintegration. The proposal will draw inspiration from the Abu Dhabi Dialogue initiative, which has approved the Comprehensive Information Orientation Program (CIOP) as proposed by the Philippines.

The publication generally aims to publish a compendium of existing education programs and safe migration campaigns for migrants among ASEAN Member States. At the end of the project, a regional compendium of the latest information materials and good practices in preparing migrant workers for overseas jobs has been developed and is made available in print and electronic media.

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