ACWC Regional Coordination of National-Level Researchers For TIP Baseline Assessment, the Philippines


16-17 October 2015

Manila, the Philippines

Beneficiary: ACWC

Human trafficking is the criminal and illegal trading of human beings for the purpose of labour, sexual and other forms of exploitation. It is characterized by the movement or migration of an individual into a situation of exploitation or harm, which results in that individual losing control over his or her situation. The crime of trafficking can occur within a country or across national borders. It is very much a global phenomenon, contravening fundamental human rights, denying basic and broadly accepted individual freedoms to women, men and children all over the world.

Men, women and children in Asia are vulnerable to traffickers for many reasons, including poverty, lack of employment opportunities, inadequate or unenforced labour laws and regulations, poor education or gender inequality. Women and young people are particularly vulnerable, with school‐age girls and boys often forced into conditions of exploitative labor, domestic work or prostitution. Despite impressive gains by the ASEAN governments to prevent and address human trafficking and exploitation over the past decade, serious gaps remain, particularly in terms of the review and implementation of effective and sustainable systems for the management, treatment and protection of women and child survivors and the timely and positive reintegration of survivors back to their families and communities.

To operationalize ACWC’s mandate to promote and protect the rights of women and children, it is necessary to review and analyse the current rescue, recovery, repatriation, rehabilitation, reintegration, referral system, and assistance of survivors of trafficking in women and children among ASEAN member countries of origin, transit, and destination. Lao PDR as the proponent country will implement this sub-project to address the challenges faced by trafficked women and children and the governments and supporting international organizations that are responsible for their management and treatment.

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