ACWC Special Meeting on Institutional Strengthening, Thailand


28 June 2016

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Beneficiary: ACWC

Strengthening institutional capacity is recognised as one of the important elements to delivering and sustaining the effectiveness and relevancy of any organization or institution. However, strengthening institutional capacity is more than a complementary component of interventions to improve the performance of any organization. It is an integral part of a strategy for sustainable and integrated development. Its focus is on developing an effective organization within all actors work together to establish an enabling environment to achieve its goals and objectives. However, without appropriately determining the actual needs and challenges of an organization in the performance of its roles and mandates then any strategic support by that organization will be rendered ineffective and inefficient.

Therefore, this activity will involve a comprehensive review of the ACWC’s current strengths, processes and policies including an analysis of gaps and needs to meet its important mandates as the regional body focusing on the rights and welfare of women and children. The institutional assessment of the ACWC will be a key starting point in planning, strategizing and operationalizing the goals and work plan of the ACWC. This is followed by the development of a strategic institutional capacity plan that will ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the ACWC Five Year Work Plan (2012-2016).

The Philippines, as the proponent country, will be implementing this activity. To assist the proponent country on this task, a senior short-term expert will be contracted to conduct the institutional assessment and development of the ACWC’s strategic institutional plan for five years.

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