AICHR Researchers’ Meeting for the Study on Legal Aids in ASEAN, Thailand


26 July 2016

Bangkok, Thailand

Beneficiary: AICHR

Legal aid is considered both a right and an essential element for the exercise and enjoyment of a number of human rights, including the rights to a fair trial and to an effective remedy.  Poor, vulnerable, and marginalised persons often face the risk of arbitrary, extended, or illegal pre-trial detention, as well as torture, coerced confessions, wrongful convictions, social stigma, detrimental impacts on health and livelihood and other abuses due to their of lack of access to justice and effective legal representation. In fact, there were several cases that legal aid and early assistance schemes have reduced excessive and arbitrary pre-trial detention, improve the administration of justice, and increase public trust in justice.  

In ASEAN Member States, there are a number of legal aid programs and providers that have tried to address the lack of access to legal representation especially by the poor and marginalized groups. To understand the context as well as share experiences, best practices and lessons learns on legal aid provision in each AMS, a thematic study will be undertaken by the AICHR. To achieve this objective, there will be a series of activities ranging from the conduct of baseline study, national and regional consultations, report writing, and a validation workshop that will help in the development of this thematic study on legal aid in AMS.

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