AICHR Workshop on the Implementation of Human Rights Obligations Relating to the Environment and Climate Change, Myanmar


24-26 September 2015

Mandalay, Myanmar

Beneficiary: AICHR

The linkage between the protection of human rights and the protection of the environment, especially in relation to climate change, cannot be denied. The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) has organised a Workshop on Human Rights, Environment and Climate Change on 13-15 September 2014 (‘Workshop 2014’), with the dual objective to map human rights obligations to a safe, clean and sustainable environment in ASEAN and the development of regional responses to the established relationships between human rights, the environment, and climate change.

Following the recommendations from the 2014 workshop, AICHR intends to develop a deeper understanding on the human rights obligations relating to the environment in the ASEAN context and explore how a regional response may be initiated with the involvement of relevant stakeholders.  At the 2014 workshop, there was an expectation for the AICHR to play a key role in further integrating Human Rights Based Approach towards environmental policy making and protection. The utilisation of the human rights-based approach is particularly pertinent to ASEAN which is buttressed by the three ASEAN Communities; it will enhance the policy-making process of each Community and help ASEAN to be a real people-centred organisation.

For the AICHR press release on this workshop, click here.

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