Capacity building for the READI HRF office is a process of enabling individuals, our beneficiaries AICHR, ACWC, ACW, and ACMW, and their partners to sustainably define, articulate, engage and actualize their vision of developmental goals building on their own resources in the context of human rights in ASEAN.

One main objective of READI HRF capacity development programs is to enhance our beneficiaries’ capacity in fulfilling their obligations and commitment in human rights across all ASEAN member states. Another main objective is to share best practices among our beneficiaries, ASEAN member states and other stakeholders, such as South-South and North-South exchanges in improving the human rights situation on the ground.

In particular, the READI HRF office provides support and technical assistance to beneficiaries and ASEAN member states at the national and regional levels in the form of workshops, seminars, training and shared learning sessions, and research and discussions.