Founded in 1990, ALTAIR ASESORES is a private and independent company established in Madrid (Spain), operating on a domestic and international scale. It has built a solid track record advising private and public institutions in the legal, financial, institutional and management areas. Its main activity is, nowadays, the provision of international technical assistance to developing countries and to those with economies in transition. Based on its experience, know-how and available internal and external staff, ALTAIR has successfully coordinated, implemented, monitored and evaluated a wide number of international projects in a variety of sectors, such as

  • Institutional Building and reform.
  • Law / Legal Advice - Law approximation.
  • Regional political and economic integration.
  • Public finance and taxation.
  • Competition.
  • Foreign trade and investment.
  • Standardisation and normalisation.
  • Regional and local development.
  • Private sector development.
  • Environment.

ALTAIR provides services across Europe and in ASIA through the offices of its subsidiary, CHEIC in Beijing, China.

Landell Mills Limited (LML) is one of UK’s leading international development consultancy firms specializing in the fields of: Regional integration, trade, economic growth and private sector development- including trade and investment; Livelihoods, food security and the rural economy; Governance, policy reform and institutional development and more recently in renewable energy policy and sustainable environmental development. LML has access to over 10,000 associate specialists from both Europe and the developing world.  LML has developed an international reputation for excellence with over 35 years of development consultancy experience. During this time, LML has delivered on over 650 projects in more than 100 countries worldwide, including over 150 projects in the Asia/Pacific region. LML has established offices in the Asia region including: Hanoi (Vietnam) and Beijing (China) in addition to smaller efficient project offices across Asia.

LML has been actively involved in the ASEAN region since the 1980s. Since then, LML has managed and implemented projects in various sectors to assist ASEAN Governments to fulfil both their national and regional development goals through donor-funded projects.

Particip offers consulting, training and coaching services to international organisations – mainly in developing and in transition countries. Particip was founded in 1989 and is based in Germany with a branch office in Brussels.

To date, Particip can draw from the expertise and the know-how gained from more than a thousand successful assignments in over 120 countries. Drawing from its extensive and powerful database of over 30,000 committed and experienced experts, more than 200 freelance employees per year are identified and contracted for specific assignments. This allows Particip to quickly respond to a large variety of requests that require management expertise in different sectors. Core areas of the work of Particip include:

  • External and Technical Assistance Management;
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Capacity and organisational development;
  • Public administration support;
  • (Public) policy advice, development of management guidelines at policy, programme and project level;
  • Rural development;
  • Environment;
  • Support to civil society organisations;
  • Studies, surveys and analyses covering a broad variety of sectors and themes.

The Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development (CEERD) based in Bangkok, Thailand is a Foundation which conducts Training, Research and Consultancy on energy-environment economics, planning, modelling, policy, markets, and technology in the framework of national, regional and international cooperation projects to strengthen the capacity of national governments in Asia and the Pacific in the fields of Energy-Environment Economics, Energy-Environment Planning and Policy, Energy Regulations, Alternative, New & Renewable Energies, Energy Savings & Efficiency, Climate Change, and Energy-Environment Statistics, Information Systems and Data Bases. 

CEERD has an extensive experience in design, implementation and management of international projects in Asia: more than 95 projects, with national, international and multilateral Cooperation Agencies and Institutions.

CEERD and its experts have 20 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region in the field of energy and environment and have built up strong links with key institutions in many countries from the Asian region and in particular with ASEAN and GMS countries.

In 2003, CEERD on the request of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand has been endorsed as a member of the ASEAN Centre for Energy's Network of Nodal Centres. CEERD assists ACE in initiating, organizing, and implementing activities to promote regional cooperation on energy and environment.

TDI Group, originally called the Trade Institute of Ireland, is a niche international development consultancy specialising in trade and private sector development, industrial development and policy, investment promotion, private sector facilitation, and institutional development. TDI Group is a sister company of Landell Mills Limited (LML) and was established in 1987. TDI Group has worked in over 100 countries in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East. 

TDI Group has extensive experience with large scale EU-funded projects in the trade and regional integration sector with various Governments and Secretariats worldwide (e.g. SADC Secretariat). TDI has provided the following assistance for EU projects:

  • EU funding mechanisms support;
  • Planning and programming;
  • Institutional capacity building;
  • EDF programming related support;
  • Regional Integration economic analysis;
  • Co-ordination of technical and financial assistance provided to Working Groups;
  • Institution Building and strategic planning;
  • Standards compliance;
  • Training Needs Analysis and delivery of a training programme.

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