Information & Communication Technology


The EU-ASEAN dialogue on the Information Society strives to enhance exchanges of views on issues related to policy including regulatory frameworks for electronic communications services, policy development, and ways of bridging the digital divide.

READI’s overall objective in the ICT sector is to support progress towards an ASEAN internal market for electronic communications and a framework providing legal certainty to companies and investors and a high level of consumers' protection and confidence.

Specific activities carried out in the framework of READI/ICT aim at leading to concrete deliverables within the READI Facility's timeframe (i.e. before August 2015). 

The precise objectives have been defined in close cooperation between the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC), the European Union Delegation (EUD) in Jakarta, and the Directorate-General CONNECT ‘Communication Networks, Content and Technology’ (former DG INFSO ‘Information Society’) of the European Commission (especially the regional counsellor based in the EU Delegation in Singapore), based on the past EU-ASEAN policy dialogues on ICT. Those objectives have been validated by the 10th ASEAN TELSOM during its January 2011 official meeting held in Malaysia, and their implementation plan has been first discussed during the ASEAN + EU TELSOM Joint Working Group (JWG) meeting held in April 2011 in Cambodia, following the adoption of the ASEAN ICT Master-plan 2015. They can be summarized as follows:

  • Support the development of both a strategy and a plan of action for the implementation of priority areas identified by the ASEAN ICT Master-plan 2015 that would directly contribute (in short- to medium term) to the establishment of an internal ICT market in the ASEAN;
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation system for the implementation of this strategy;
  • Support the ASEAN in the development of a transparent, coherent and harmonised ICT regulatory framework, in particular on spectrum management;
  • Subsequent results will be defined during the project implementation, based on the ASEAN action plan.

The READI policy dialogue in ICT will therefore focus on three key challenges which will affect the way 600 million people in the ASEAN region will communicate and consume a variety of media: 

  • Spectrum Management (define and promote a set of technical and regulatory recommendations on spectrum management that will form the basis of a regional scheme for frequency management across ASEAN Member States, aiming notably at better reaping the benefits of digital dividend);
  • Broadband Deployment (promoting broadband rollout and take-up, notably by looking at the issues of inclusion / digital divide (wireless broadband, e-services such as e-government and e-commerce), trust and confidence of consumers (network and information security), production and distribution of creative content);
  • and Competition Policy in the Telecom Sector (support regulatory exchanges aiming at improving the regulatory framework for the telecom sector)
Outputs to date: 

Spectrum management
  • Creation of a forum for ASEAN experts and regulators to exchange, improve and update knowledge, skills as well as information on spectrum management;
  • Harmonization of spectrum use in ASEAN members promoted, towards harmonization with regional/global use, opening a common big market for emerging and strategic technologies with low cost and service charges for ASEAN customers;
  • Issues (harmonisation of band-plans, digital dividend, etc.) discussed in international forums were discussed, to evaluate their effects on ASEAN and provide recommendations to accommodate the interests of all ASEAN member countries on radio spectrum aspects;
  • Process was fostered to efficiently and appropriately utilise wireless infrastructures for bridging the Digital Divide.

Voice and data roaming

  • Collaboration among ASEAN Telecommunication Regulators’ Council ATRC Members enhanced in increasing the transparency in roaming charges;
  • Update compiled on measures implemented by individual ASEAN Telecommunication Regulators’ Council ATRC members in preventing bill shock.



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