READI ASPF-3 Implementing the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)


Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar (09/06/2014) – READI ASPF-3 Implementing the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)


Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar), 9 June 2014 - The ASEAN in cooperation with the European Union (EU) held today a new meeting of the ASEAN Spectrum Policy Forum (ASPF-3) in Nay Pyi Taw back-to-back with ASEAN Senior Officials Responsible for Information (SOMRI) Meetings (June 10-12). This meeting - facilitated by the Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI) - focused on the implementation of the transition to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

Attended by about 40 delegates from the ASEAN and the EU regions, the workshop welcomed the attendance of special guests such as Mr Khin Maung Thet (Director General of the Posts and Telecommunications Department, MCIT, Myanmar), Ms. Sabariah Abas (Director of the Department of Broadcasting, RTM, Malaysia and Member of the ASPF-3 Programme Committee on behalf of SOMRI), Doan Quang Hoan (Director General of ARFM and ATRC/SSM chair, Viet Nam), and key experts in the field: Amit Nagpal (Partner, Aetha Consulting, UK), Aljo Van Dijken (Senior Adviser on International Spectrum Affairs, Radio Communication Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands), Cédric Perros (Head Department, Cross Border Agreement Negotiation, DPSAI, Agence Nationale des Fréquences, ANFR, France), and Paulo Marques (Senior Researcher, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal). The workshop was co-chaired by Mr. Amit Nagpal and Mr. Doan Quang Hoan.

The ASPF-3 workshop aimed at exchanging information on issues arising when proceeding with the deployment of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and switching-off existing analogue TV transmissions and at identifying critical challenges and possible best practices.

Building on earlier discussions (ASPF-1, ASPF-2, Study Tour, ASPF-4) and in order to offer a comprehensive review of the digital switchover process and on the use of the digital dividend, the ASPF-3 meeting participants discussed the following themes:

  • Sequencing the process of transition towards DTT
  • Transmission network upgrade planning
  • TV reception equipment availability (e.g. standardisation, labelling, scale)
  • Allocating DTT channels
  • Consumer information and awareness
  • Public policies and incentives to encourage and facilitate the transition

The issues were introduced by means of an Issue Paper distributed in advance of the workshop and then illustrated by practical experiences through presentations in the workshop from ASEAN and EU speakers. 

The issues were subsequently discussed in an interactive Plenary Session with a view to formulating recommendations for best practices when implementing the transition to DTT:

  • Enabling a successful digital switchover – The Forum recognised that a successful digital switchover in individual ASEAN Member States is a pre-requisite for all ASEAN Member States to fully benefit from the spectral efficiencies of digital television including use of the digital dividend.
  • Adopting a harmonised approach across the region - ASPF noted that there are several areas where a harmonised approach in respect of the digital switchover and use of the digital dividend would be beneficial and confirms that the recommendations made at ASPF-2 and ASPF-4 remain valid.
  • Sharing best practices across the region - ASPF recognised that many aspects of the digital transition are primarily matters for individual Member States. However the sharing of best practices can help all member states achieve a successful and timely switchover. To facilitate the sharing of information, ASPF recommended that an annual workshop on the progress of the digital switchover be undertaken, attended by representatives of the Telecommunication Regulators' Council (ATRC) and SOMRI/ADB.

Finally, the participants in ASPF-3 noted that the Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI) facility is well on track to intensify interaction between EU and ASEAN. This covers ICT, Digital Broadcasting and related matters including the implementation of priority projects of the AIM 2015. This supports ASEAN in the development of transparent and coherent and harmonized ICT regulatory frameworks, particularly on spectrum management, transition to Digital Terrestrial Television and broadband development.


A selection of pictures from the ASEAN-EU Workshop on implementing the transition to Digital Terrestrial Television (ASPF-3) can be found here.


READI ASPF-3 Proceedings:


Attendee List

Issues Paper


Press Release


Session #1 - Workshop scope: introducing main issues

Amit Nagpal - Presentation of the Issue Paper and workshop methodology

Session #2 - Update overview of migration status and perspective of developments

Nguyen Thu Thuy - Implementation of the ASPF-2 recommendations - Status

Hj Ibrahim Hj Mohamad - The Update Development of Digital Migration of ASEAN

Amit Nagpal - EU Member States situation of transition to DTT – Overview

Session #3 - National experience of implementing the transition to DTT

Aljo van Dijken - The Netherlands

Supatrasit Suansook - Thailand

Cedric Perros - France

Doan Quang Hoan - Vietnam

Paulo Marques - Portugal

Session #4 - Transmission network implementation and provision of consumer equipment

Alex Ng - Analogue-digital simultaneous transmitting

Leon Chew - Availability of reception equipment in the context of the implementation of DTT

Session #5 - Interactive Session: The way forward


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