ANEGER Final Event


ANEGER Pilot Network of Excellence in Green Energy Research workshop back-to-back to the ASEAN Committee of Science & Technology sessions.

The Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI) supported Pilot Network in Green Energy Research (ANEGER) held its fourth and final workshop on 25 and 26 May in Phuket/Thailand. The event took place in parallel to the May 2015 edition of the ASEAN Committee for Science and Technology (COST). On 25 May, the ANEGER coordinators were invited to present the Network to the ASEAN COST Sub-Committee on Sustainable Energy Research, which welcomed the initiative and encouraged its continuation.

Following this advice and the wish of the Network members to continue the collaboration, the participants in the ANEGER workshop focused on identifying opportunities for future funding. Among them are, in addition to possible ASEAN COST and/or future READI support: support through a French bilateral programme with the Asian Institute of Technology (where a relevant Call for Proposals is about to be launched); ASEAN Talent Mobility programme funding; Asian Development Bank funding; Horizon 2020 or other European-level sources; private sector co-funding.

Content-wise, the ANEGER workshop was an opportunity for Network partners to update each other on capacities and research programmes. The group also benefitted from presentations by two invited European experts on biodiesel and engine combustions. Apart from their participation in the final workshop, Prof Mittelbach (Technical University Graz/Austria) and Christine Rousselle (University of Orléans, France) also visited ANEGER Network labs as part of their stay in Southeast Asia. This has proven another excellent opportunity to support Europe-to-Southeast Asia mobility, which is less frequent than mobility flows in the other direction.

“One thing leads to another. ANEGER is an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and the creation of opportunities for collaboration in fields far beyond the forms of the Network“ (Assoc Prof Dr Bundit Fungtammasan, ANEGER coordinator, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi/Thailand).

“ANEGER provides a valuable platform for contacts for technology-transfer not only from Europe to Southeast Asia, but from Southeast Asia to Europe, e.g. in regard to the development of membranes” (Prof Martin Mittelbach, TU Graz/Austria).

“Through the facilitation of mobility, the ANEGER Network might benefit the people in the region. It helps to meet regional goals like ‘power anywhere and anytime’” (Prof Dr Hamdani Saidi, Universti Teknologi Malaysia).



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